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Italians appetizers  €14.00

Beef carpaccio with rucola and parmesan €10.50

Fresh tuna carpaccio €11.00

Sea Salad  €12.50

Mozzarella of "Bufala" and tomatoes  €10.00

Thin sliced veal with tuna sauce  €10.50

Today's soup  €5.00


Mixed salad  €5.00

Salade with sweet corn, Emmental, ham, olives, tomatoes  €8.00

Salade with fried chicken  €8.50

Main Courses

Risotto with strawberries  €12.00

Penne with ragout  €10.00

Spaghetti whit bacon and eggs  €11.00

Penne with salmon  €12.50

Spaghetti with pesto  €10.00

Three kinds of pasta  €13.50

Lasagna with white ragout  €10.00

Spaghetti with seafruits,tomato sauce,served into piè crust  €13.50

Linguine with lobster  €19.00

Fresh maid pasta with wild mushrooms and sausage  €11.00


Escalope with champignons and ham  €14.50

Scaloppina with white vine  €14.00

Lamb chops  €16.50

Fillet of beef with parmesan crust  €22.50

Fried squid  €14.50

Daily fresh fish                 daily price 

5 Crawfish with homemade mayonnaise vanilla flavored  €21.00

Aubergine with mozzarella of "Bufala"  €12.50


Margherita  €7.00

Tomato sauce and mozzarella

Salami  €10.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella,salami

Romana  €9.50

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, champignons, ham, onion and peppers

O'Sole mio  €9.50

Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella of "Bufala" and rucola

Diavola  €10.00

Tomato sauce, spicy salami, mozzarella

Funghi  €9.50

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham

Salmone e gamberetti  €10.00

Salmon, shrimps and tomato sauce

Boscaiola  €9.50

Mushrooms, sausages, mozzarella

Vegetariana  €9.50

Mixed vegetable, tomato sauce, mozzarella

Quattro formaggi  €10.00

4 Mixed cheese, tomato sauce

Luna Rossa  €10.00

Tomato sauce, eggs, mozzarella of  "Bufala" and truffle

Tonno  €9.50

Tuna, tomato sauce, olives, onion and capers

Children's Menu

Pizza Roger Rabbit  €6.00

Farfalline Mickey Mouse  €6.00

Pollo Donald Duck  €8.00


Tiramisù  €5.50

Bavarese con panna  €5.50

Bavarian cream

Coppa della salute  €7.50

Fresh fruit with yoghurt

Assorted icecream: Child  €3.50

                                     Normal  €4.50

Formaggi misti  €10.50

3 types of Italian cheese with figs and icing Barolo

Coppa Luna Rossa  €5.50

Strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream